The 5th Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines International Conference will take place in London on 20th December, 2024.

Speakers at the conference will include Dr Mark Horowitz (Maudsley Deprescribing Guidelines), Dr Siobhan Gee (Maudsley Guidelines for Mental Health Conditions in Physical Illness) and Professor David Taylor. 

Attracting delegates from across the globe, the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines International conference presents the latest evidence-based research and developments in clinical psychopharmacology.

In July 2012, an inaugural conference “outlining the evidence behind the guidance” was held to celebrate the 11th edition followed by a second conference in September 2014 to launch the 12th edition with the theme “Getting up-to-date: assimilating the latest evidence into practical guidance”. Both conferences were attended by over two hundred delegates from around the world and provided the opportunity to hear written guidelines presented by the contributors and to participate in a question and answer session.

The third Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines International Conference “From evidence to practice” was held on Monday 17 December 2018 to mark the publication of the 13th edition. Over 200 clinicians attended; more than 50 from outside the UK.

The fourth Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines International Conference Clinical Psychopharmacology in the time of COVID was held remotely on Wednesday 20th October 2021.  Coinciding with publication of the 14th edition, the lead editors of the Guidelines and other key contributors, many of them leaders in their fields, have outlined the evidence behind the guidelines.